Animal Care

The Institutional Animal Care Committee (IACC) is responsible for the ethical assessment of all protocols involving animal care and use in research or teaching. A standing committee of the university, the IACC has representatives from Memorial’s veterinary, technical, research and student communities, as well as non-animal users and external community members. The broad base of membership provides diversity of expertise and insight.

All research or teaching that involves animals must go through Memorial’s Animal Care Committee for ethical approval prior to initiating work.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) has accredited Memorial University with a certificate of Good Animal Practice.  Oversight for the animal care and use program is governed by federal and provincial laws, guidelines, memoranda of understanding and the Canadian Council on Animal Care, whose standards and guidelines that are recognized by public and private institutions across the country.

Memorial University is committed to the highest standards of animal care, building top-quality Animal Care Services programming, and to the renewal of its animal care facilities.


The mandate of the IACC is outlined in the Canadian Council on Animal Care’s Terms of Reference for Animal Care Committees. Included in the mandate are the responsibilities of protocol review for ethical merit; post-approval exchange with investigators, their students and their laboratory personnel; facility inspections; review of Standard Operating Procedures; policy development; and training oversight.

Replacement, Refinement and Reduction
As part of protocol development, researchers or course instructors are required to apply the “3Rs”: Replacement, Refinement and Reduction. Protocols are reviewed annually in part for their ability to replace, refine, and reduce the use of animals.


Need Assistance?

Memorial’s animal care team is available to assess and advise on protocol submissions. Applicants are encouraged to contact animal case staff in advance of submitting protocols in order to clarify any procedural, clinical or operational requirements.

IACC Coordinator
For all general inquiries, questions pertaining to the application process, rodent animal orders, or the use of animal models and experimental design, please contact

Clinical Veterinarian:
For questions relating to animal welfare, health, import from non-commercial facilities, analgesia, anesthesia, and surgical or monitoring support, please contact

Manager, Animal Resource Operations         
For questions relating to animal husbandry, equipment, facility space, animal care staff support during procedures, facility resources and Standard Operating Procedures, please contact