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Effective Jan 4, 2023 we will be updating our fee schedule language related to industry sponsored and for-profit research projects. Please view our website for more information Health Research Ethics Authority

How to Submit an Event Form

Researchers who are required to submit an event form for their funding or ethics files should refer to Question 5 of our FAQ section on how to complete this task.

Training Materials Available

To support researchers working in the Researcher Portal, there are manuals and other training materials available on our website. Please see the Training item in the menu bar at the top of this webpage to access available support materials.

Survey tool for MUN faculty, staff, and students 

Memorial University has acquired Qualtrics, an enterprise survey solution to conduct surveys for research and administrative purposes. Qualtrics is the recommended survey solution for MUN faculty, staff, and students and may be used at no cost. It has been vetted by Memorial to assure privacy and security of data. Qualtrics is an industry-leading, cloud-based, survey solution currently used by 6800+ schools and 2000+ universities worldwide, including several Canadian institutions. To learn more about the simple steps to get started, visit www.mun.ca/surveysolution.